If You’re a Photographer or You Just Like Taking Pictures

It’s such a good feeling when you make money off of something you love to do.

These days we’re lucky – Everybody has the tools to be able to make money off of photography. And there are so many opportunities to do so.

You might be thinking that because you don’t have the latest and greatest camera that you don’t have access to a market that’ll allow you to sell your work.

But – You Do! There are people that make money off of very simple cameras and even off of their phone cameras.

Photography is not about taking the technically perfect picture – it’s about capturing a moment in an interesting and appealing way. Photography is about being able to capture and share a moment in time from your perspective.

When you’re first starting out you’ll find better success if you shoot what you know and shoot what you have unique access to.

That means that if you work in a machine shop you’re taking pictures of the machinery. You might take an artistic shot of the four jaw chuck on a lathe. Or shoot a micrometer touching a piece of metal.

Or if you’re a dog washer that you’re in there getting shots of a dog with bubbles all around his face. Shots of his toenails being clipped or someone checking out his teeth and gums.

Use your own situation in life to your advantage – and use your imagination. You might be doing something or have access to something every day that is not as common to others as it is to you.

The work part comes when you want to try and make those pictures into money – and here’s how you can do it.

Selling your pictures as stock is a great option for anybody that is taking pictures. You might have looked into this before but places like Fotolia have now started accepting stylized pictures (the ones with Instagram-like filters applied to them) and pictures from decent camera phones.